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What is Six Month Smiles®?

Six Month Smiles is an innovative cosmetic braces system developed specially for adults. Many adults are reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment because of the affect it will have on their appearance and the time it will take to achieve their ideal, straight smile. With Six Month Smiles braces in Indianapolis, Indiana, you can achieve a beautiful, straight smile in an average of six months! Six Month Smiles is effective, comfortable, and safe as well as typically more affordable than many other orthodontic solutions, including traditional braces, clear aligners, and veneers. Six Month Smiles braces use clear brackets and tooth-colored wires which are barely visible in order to ensure that you maintain a natural aesthetic during orthodontic treatment.

Do I need Six Month Smiles?

If you ever feel embarrassed or unhappy with your smile because of crooked or crowded teeth, Six Month Smiles might be just what you need. Six Month Smiles is exceptionally comfortable and aesthetic, so you can feel confident in your smile even while wearing braces. Dr. Marla Wilson, our knowledgeable dentist, will help you determine whether Six Month Smiles is right for you. We invite you to contact us at Premier Dental Care today to schedule your consultation.