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Mercury-Free Dentistry

For Dr. Marla Wilson and our dental team at Premier Dental Care, the health of your smile and the safety of our treatments are paramount. As part of our ongoing effort to offer only the highest quality of care, we have provided mercury-free dentistry in Indianapolis, Indiana, for all of our patients since 1999. Mercury-free dentistry includes ensuring that none of our treatments use metals or any materials with mercury content. Part of this also includes safely removing amalgam (silver) fillings based on the recommendations of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).

Our main concern focuses on the dangers of mercury exposure and the potential harmful effects it can cause. During the mercury removal process, we follow specific dental protocol to ensure your safety from unnecessary exposure to this heavy metal. We take several precautions when removing mercury from your smile to ensure you are not exposed to mercury in our office. These precautions include:

  • A nose mask for breathing oxygen
  • A dental air-vacuum system designed to absorb any mercury aerosols circulating within the dental operatories
  • High-speed suction
  • Copious amounts of water
  • A rubber dam and/or clean-up device for isolation purposes
  • Slow-speed drilling to reduce mercury vapors and to avoid unnecessary friction or heat developing within the tooth that can lead to a pulpitis or permanent nerve damage to the tooth

The Dangers of Mercury

Mercury has long been known to be a neurotoxin and can be potentially harmful, especially to those with sensitivities. Mercury and silver dental restorations, when used, ultimately result in a weaker tooth structure. Silver fillings contain 50% mercury. They can corrode, leak, and cause stains on your teeth and gums. Current independent scientific research shows that mercury vapor, although bound to other metals and fillers, is released during and after placement of mercury-containing dental fillings, as well as during the removal of these fillings. This is why we, along with 51% of all dentist in the United States, no longer use mercury-containing amalgam fillings.

Other filling materials have been developed over recent years, including tooth-colored fillings, that can easily replace amalgam fillings while not exposing you to mercury vapors or elemental mercury.

For these reasons, we feel being mercury free is first and foremost a crucial step to maintaining your overall oral and general health. Additionally, many of our patients dislike their metal restorations because of their unsightly appearance. These fillings are not particularly pleasing to the eye, and we always want you to feel confident and happy with your smile. We remove such restorations and replace them with healthier, more attractive alternatives.

Dr. Marla Wilson is one of only three dentists in Indianapolis, Indiana, who are members of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, a leading organization dedicated to researching the effects of mercury in dental amalgam fillings. For more information about mercury-free dentistry, please contact us today.

Removing Mercury & Amalgam Restorations

Ideally, for those who are about to have amalgam restorations removed and replaced, a detoxifying program should be initiated before amalgam removal and continued for at least three months after the last amalgams are removed. If you have already had your amalgams removed, then start today. The usual length required for body elimination of mercury is 3-6 months.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology recommends some nutrient supplements and methods for amalgam and mercury removal. We suggest beginning these vitamins three days before your appointment and staying on them for 3-6 months afterwards. Some of these supplements include:

  • Vitamin C 1000 mg—Take one tablet three times a day.
  • Zinc 30 mg—Take one tablet two times a day.
  • Selenium 100 MCG—Take one tablet daily.
  • Magnesium 500 mg—Take one table daily.
  • Glutathione 50 mg—Take one tablet three times per day on an empty stomach. CAUTION: Individuals with insulin deficiency should not take glutathione.
  • Methionine 200 to 500 mg—Take one tablet three times a day.
  • B Complex 50 mg—Take one tablet two times a day.
  • Chlorella—Take ten capsules two times a day.
  • The Metagenics ultra-potent vitamin C powder—Take ¼ teaspoon five times a day starting the day the amalgam is removed. Then take 1/8 teaspoon four times a day for the next four days. After that time period, please take as directed on the container for two months or until you start iv chelation.
  • The Renew Life heavy metal cleanse.

Smoking Teeth- Poising Gas Youtube Video

We use the Clifford Compatibility Test developed in the Mid 1980’s to test for sensitivity to dental materials. The Clifford Test is a blood drawn test done at any medical lab and is sent to the testing center in Colorado where the individual are tested for IGE IGA Antibody compatibility to over 5,000 dental materials. This assures that the dentist is using the most bio-compatible materials for that patient.