All About Holistic Dentistry

What is holistic dentistry? As Premier Dental Care is a dental practice which is committed to adhering to its values, we can definitely offer you some of the tenets of this unique and special branch of dentistry. Holistic dentistry means approaching dental care as one part of a whole. We take into account our patients’… Read more »

How Sports Drinks and Other Foods Affect Dental Health

The first advice we give out at to anyone seeking healthier gums and teeth is to brush twice a day, floss once daily and get professional teeth-cleaning frequently. The second piece of advice we give out is to cautiously monitor the food and drink choices you make. Foods high in sugar and foods tough to… Read more »

Information About Jaw and Facial Pain Treatments

Are you suffering from jaw pain? Do you ever have signs or symptoms that you believe are linked to injuries within your jaw? Typically, jaw pain and facial pain include headaches, increased jaw sensitivity, increased pain in and around your ear, and facial swelling. If jaw pain exists and is not treated, various skills and… Read more »

The Finer Details of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a frequently occurring but serious and often undetected sleep disorder in which your breathing patterns are broken up while you sleep. If your sleep apnea remains untreated, you run the risk of heart attacks, stroke, and worse. Be aware there are many risk factors that can increase your chances of developing sleep… Read more »

Do You Dread the Dental Office? If So, Here is Some Information that Can Help You Feel Better

Sometimes the dental office can be a scary place for many. However, at , our dental team works hard to help you have the best dental experience possible. To help you feel at ease before you come to our office, Dr. would be happy to tell you about how we can help you. The first… Read more »

Travel Tips for Healthy Teeth

Vacation time is here, and you are ready to go. But are your teeth? Remember these tips to keep your teeth safe and your smile bright for all those touristy photos. Toothbrush Storage: Storing a toothbrush in open air is usually the best option–but when traveling, that’s not often possible. It is more important when… Read more »

Optimal Flossing Methods for Healthy Teeth

Optimal flossing methods are an essential aspect of a good oral hygiene routine. The more you can do to advance your cleaning habits, specifically your brushing and flossing routines, the better the chance that your smile will flourish. The first step is to simply ensure that you floss every single day. It is necessary that… Read more »

A Dental Bleaching Treatment Can Safely Whiten Significant Dental Stains

When dental stains manage to saturate deep into your tooth enamel it can leave you feeling uncomfortable with your smile’s appearance. At the same time, many of the whitening products sold in stores lack the potency or necessary safety to fully restore your white smile. In a situation like this, the wisest course of action… Read more »

Thumb Sucking and the Effects on Your Child’s Mouth

Young children and babies tend to suck on their thumbs as a natural soothing method to comfort themselves or help them fall asleep. Children tend to stop sucking their thumbs by the time they’re 2 or 4 years old, about when their primary teeth come out. If your child continues sucking their thumbs, our team… Read more »

Dental Fluorosis: What You Should Know

Would you be surprised to hear that there are a number of steps you should take to keep your kid’s teeth healthy? For example, you may know that you should help your children keep their pearly whites clean. Brushing and flossing are also important to caring for your oral health, but have you heard that… Read more »